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Frequently asked questions regarding installation and setup of our software & products.

Back Office (F.A.Q.)

Frequently asked questions about navigating and utilizing Sunkeen POS BackOffice.

POS Client (F.A.Q.)

Frequently asked questions about using the front-end Sunkeen POS Client.

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POS Client (F.A.Q.)

How do I void an order?

From the POS Client main screen, click the settle button. At the bottom of the screen, select the button labeled "Void Order." Next, click the order you wish to void. You will be asked whether or not you are sure you want to void the selected order. Click yes.

How do I enter tips for credit card transactions?

Entering tips is known as a "force capture," a term used by the EDC system. From the POS Client main screen, click the settle button. At the bottom of the screen, select the button labeled "Credit Card Center." Click the "Force/Capture/Adjust" button and select the order you wish to add a tip to. Once you input the amount you wish to add, capture the order. If your order is not displayed on the screen, you can use the "Search Order" button on the bottom of the screen.

A waiter ordered an item for the wrong table. How do I transfer the item to the correct table?

Select the item that needs to be transfer then click "Transfer Item". Select the order of the correct table then click YES to confirm. The item is now transfered.

How do I combine tables?

From the Dine-In screen, select "Combine Table." Click the table of an already open order, then select done. Next, click the empty table you wish to combine with. Again, select done. Your tables will now be combined. The original table will have to be selected to place orders; the secondary table you combined with will have no effect when pressed.

A customer wants to order something that is not on the menu. How do I tell the kitchen to make it?

a. There are two things you need to do. First, look for a button on the bottom of your order screen labeled "Custom Choice." If this button is already displayed, select it, then enter your custom choice/order, along with the price, using either the onscreen keyboard, or a hard-wired one.

b. If the "Custom Choice" button is not displayed, go into BackOffice. Under "General" settings, select "Page Button." Go to either the "Sale" or "QuickSerivce" button arrangement (note: these are the only two areas where custom choice an be enabled.) Select an empty button, then find the "Custom Choice" option in the drop-down list. Make sure to select save once you are finished adding the button.

We love the Quick Bar feature. How do we create an Open Tab?

After opening an order with Quick Bar and ordering items, select "Done." You will be prompted to either swipe a card or input the information manually. This will store the customer's information for the tab. At the end of the night, the customer can pay off this tab as with any other order from the "Settle" screen.

I have Supervisor Rights but I can't access the cash drawer?

a. First, check that you have yourself checked off as an employee enabled to use a specific cash drawer by going into BackOffice, selecting "Cash Drawer" under the "Hardware" section, and navigating to the "Employee & Payment" tab. The top field/box that is labeled "Employee:" will contain a list of all employees, along with a checkbox next to their names. Ensure your name is checked off, then hit save.

b. If your name was checked off, make sure you Check In and/or Log In at the POS Client.

The customers want to split the check. How do I split an order?

a. Go to the Settle screen. Select Split Order from the bottom of the screen, then select the order that you wish to split. From this screen, select the items from the main ticket that you wish to move onto a new one, then click on the blank ticket on the right. The item should jump over to the new ticket. Once you have split all of the items desired, select done. Your open orders screen should now have two orders, one for each customer.

b. Note that you can also select to split "By Person" at the bottom of the "Split Order" screen. This will split the items among the individual guests that ordered them.

Why do the Takeout orders stay open after they were paid?

In BackOffice, go to Restaurant Info then the Client Setting tab. Enable the "Takeout orders do not need to served" option.

When I launch the POS Client, it just stays at "Connected Server Timeout".

Be sure you have the POS Service Monitor opened, and that the POS service has been started. If you do not see the POS Service Monitor in the system tray (the tray is the area on the bottom right of your screen, located next to the computer's clock), select Start -> All Programs -> MERCURY POS for Restaurants -> POS Server Monitor. This will open the Service Monitor in the tray. Right click on the Service Monitor icon in the tray and select "Start Service."

After deleting some items in Back Office, we are getting the message, "System setting unfinished" when using the POS Client.

Go to Back Office, select "Basic Info" then select "System Start." This error occurs when you have initialized the system and have forgotten to restart it. Always start the system before attempting to use the client.

How do I print a report showing what we made for the day?

In the POS Client select "Work Room" and then select "Sales Summary." Select the start and end dates you wish to view a sales summary report for, then select Ok.

Our Dining Room is full. How do we setup a temporary table?

a. At the Dine-In main screen, there should be a button titled "Add Temp Table" on the bottom. If there is not, go to Back Office, select "Page Button," then select "DineIn-View." Select an empty button then choose the "Add Temp Table" option from the drop-down menu.

b. Once you select the option to add a temporary table, you will be prompted to choose a location for the table, as well as a name for it.

Why is the Quantity button not accessible?

a. If an item was already sent into the kitchen, the quantity can not be change.

b. "Menu Item Quantity control for Bar and DineIn" is enabled in BackOffice - Restaurant Info - Client Setting.