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Frequently asked questions regarding installation and setup of our software & products.

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Frequently asked questions about navigating and utilizing Sunkeen POS BackOffice.

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Frequently asked questions about using the front-end Sunkeen POS Client.

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Back Office (F.A.Q.)

How do I setup different prices for items, according to different times of day?

a. In BackOffice, go to "Restaurant Info," then select the scheduling tab at the bottom of the screen. Select new to create a new scheduling time, then input the desired effective date and times for your new schedule. Be sure to check the boxes for which days of the week this schedule is effective on, as well as the locations of your establishment where this will take effect.

b. Next, go to each of your menu items that you wish to have different pricing options for. Under the "Size & Price" tab you can select "Add" for price, then pick your newly created schedule and the price desired for it.

How do I setup an item to print to the kitchen (kitchen ticket)?

a. First make sure you know which printer is setup in your kitchen by determining the name of the printer. From here, go to "Kitchen Info" under the "Hardware" section of BackOffice. Create a new printer (or choose an existing one) for your kitchen, then choose your printer under the "Devices:" section.

b. Finally, go to your chosen menu item(s) and select your printer under the "Printer:" drop-down menu and hit save.

How do I setup discounts?
In BackOffice, under the "Financial" section, select "Charge/Discount." Select "New" and then input all the desired information for your new discount.
How do I create a new menu item?

In BackOffice, select "Menu Info" under the "General" section. Under the "Menu Item" tab, select "New," then input the desired information for your new menu item.

How do I create choices & modifiers?

In BackOffice select "Choice Info" under the general section. Here you will see two tabs, "Choice" and "Choice Set." First, create a choice set with any name you wish. Next, go to the "Choice" tab, filter by the name of your new choice set, and start creating the choices/options you want to appear under that set.

How do I remove a button function which we are not using?

In BackOffice, select "Page Button" under the "General" section. Navigate to the section of your restaurant you wish to remove a button from, then click on that button on the display screen to the right. Select the "Functions" drop-down field, scroll to the top, and select "N/A." The chosen button should now change to a blank yellow box.

I created a new menu item but why is it not showing on the ordering screen?

a. Be sure you check the "Categories & Choices" tab for each individual menu item, and that the appropriate category box has been checked off.

b. If you added the item to the proper category, go to the "Categories" main tab and select the category you added your menu item to. Now make sure the location you are trying to use the item in is checked off on this screen.

c. If the location was also checked, go to the "Arrangement" tab. There will be four different kinds of button layouts to work with, so make sure your item appears on each of these. The four layouts are determined by selecting either "Normal" or "Q.S.R." under "Frame Style," and then "Menu Only" or "Menu and Category" under "Item Type."

How do I set the kitchen ticket to print in a different language?

a. In Back Office, go to "Kitchen Info" under the "Hardware" section. Select the printer you are using as your designated kitchen printer. Under "Print Options" set the "1st Language" as whichever language you want the kitchen ticket to print in.

b. In order to select the alternate language display text for each menu item, you have to go to "Menu Info," then select your items, groups, and categories, and edit the "Multi Language" tab. In the "Text" field for the language you want to use, enter the name of the entry in that language. For example, if your front end receipt for the customer is printing in English, but you want your kitchen ticket to print in Chinese (Simplified), you would enter the Chinese characters in the "Text" field. Be sure to select the appropriate printer under the"Printer:" drop-down menu.

How do I change the wallpaper on the POS Client screen?

In Back Office, select "Message Board" under the "Miscellaneous" section. Use the empty white area to customize your wallpaper with either text or images. In order to input images, you would select the small icon at the top of the screen that shows three small geometic shapes (a triangle, circle, and square.) You will be asked to find an image on your harddrive. If the image is too large/small, you can grab the edges and adjust it accordingly.

An employee forgot to CheckIn at the beginning of the day. How do I manually adjust the attendance?

a. Have the employee checkin first.

b. In Back Office, select "Employee Info" select the employee then click on the "Attendance tab". Use the Filter button to see Today's attendance.

b. Select the "On Duty" time slot the click on the edit button to make adjustment.

How do I rearrange the way the menu items show on the POS Client?

a. In Back Office, select "Menu Info" under the "General" section, then click the "Categories" tab. Choose which category you wish to customize the appearance of items for, then select the "Arrangement" tab.

b. Depending on which item type you use (menu items only, a mixed selection of menu items and categories) and frame style (normal vs. Q.S.R.) you want to customize, you will have to select the appropriate options under those respective fields. After doing this, you can click the boxes labeled with numbers (ex: (1,5), (3,1), (4,4), etc.), and choose your item and/or category from the drop down lists available to you.

How do you setup the SMPlayer to show the order details during ordering?

In Back Office, select "POS Station" the select the station that is running the SMPlayer.
Click o the "Devices" tab, then click the "Integrate SMP with POS System".

Some of our menu items have different sizes. How do we setup the prices according to size?

Select your menu item, then select the "Size & Price" tab. In order to setup different prices for different sizes, first make sure you check off the boxes for which additional size options you would like available for the item. Next, select "Add", then click on the size field to show the drop-down menu. Select the size you wish to set a price for, then input the desired price. Whichever size is selected when ordering this menu item will now have the appropriate price applied.

What is the best way to build a pizza menu?

Create the names of your various kinds of pizza as individual menu items, and select the "Pizza" style button at the bottom of the screen. This will ensure the item shows up as an item under "Pizza Info," where you can go to customize things such as size, price, crusts, toppings, and more.

We have special items that have a daily limited quantity. How do we keep track of availability?

In the "Menu Info" page select that special item.

a. Under the "Basic" tab select "Reservation Required" and "Stock Reminder".

b. Enter the availability into the "stock" box.