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Frequently asked questions regarding installation and setup of our software & products.

BackOffice (F.A.Q.)

Frequently asked questions about navigating and utilizing Sunkeen POS BackOffice.

POS Client (F.A.Q.)

Frequently asked questions about using the front-end Sunkeen POS Client.

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User's Manual

Installation (F.A.Q.)

Is the Sunkeen POS software compatible with Windows Vista, 7 and 8?
Currently the software is compatible with all three versions, but only those that are 32-bit.
The software was installed successfully but when I launch the POSClient it keeps saying "Connected Server timeout."

1. Make sure he computer had restared after installation.
2. Make sure the POS Service Monitor is running.
3. For Windows Vista, 7 and 8, set the UAC (User Account Control) setting to Never Notify then reboot.

How do I setup the ticket and receipt printers?
In the POS Client, select "System," then "System Settings," then "Printer Settings." From here, select which printer(s) you want to print tickets, and designate which printer will be used to print receipts. Note that only one printer can be set as the receipt printer.
How do I setup a cash drawer?
In the POS Client, select "System," then "System Settings," then "Hardware Test." From here, select next, choose the appropriate hardware type and COM port, then select "Printer Connect" (assuming you are setting up the cash drawer to a printer,) and choose a printer to connect the cash drawer to.
What is the User ID and Password to the BackOffice and POS Client?
For Back Office the ID is 1, the password is admin. For the POS Client the password is dependent on the user/employee. The default administrator password is 1. Note that the password for logging in and checking in is unique to each employee for the POS Client.
What CallerID device is compatible with Sunkeen POS?
Serial Connection Basic Caller ID device form callerID.com is compatible with Sunkeen POS.
What type of scale is compatible with Sunkeen POS?
The CAS PD II & SW20 are compatible with the Sunkeen POS.
How do I backup and restore a database?

a. To backup: In Back Office select "Basic Info," then click the "Backup" button. Navigate to your C:/ drive, then select the PosDB folder. Choose a name for your backup, then save it here.

b. To restore: Make sure to close both Back Office and the POS Client. Right click on the POS Server Monitor icon, located in the system tray (the bottom-right corner of your monitor, next to the computer's clock. Select "Service Settings," then go to the "Database" tab. The bottom of the screen will have a field called "Restore" with an option to Restore Database. Click the folder icon to the right of the restore field, then browse to your PosDB (or other) folder where you have your database saved/backed up. Finally, select the icon next to the folder icon (the one with a small green plus symbol), then select "yes" if you want to restore the selected database. Note that if you have not backed up the current database being used in Back Office, it will be overwritten. Please make sure to backup your database so you don't risk losing your information.

The BackOffice and POS Client are not working properly after we restored with an old database, what could be the problem?
The old database might be backed up from a older version of the SunkeenPOS. You would need to run an update to update the old database.